Our purpose

If you want to know how Po3 came to be, take a look at our short brand origin video to hear about the thinking behind the name and the principles that underpin what we do.

We believe that by re-designing business we can rebuild the economy to create a better more sustainable future for all. Take a look at our manifesto for a deep dive into our thinking.

Po3 is getting B-corp certified. What is B-corp? It’s a global community of like minded people building a better world for all through business. Goes without saying, we like these people.

We don’t know all the answers, no-one does.

But we know how to ensure the best possible chance of success by asking the right questions and bringing the right people to the table from our global community of design experts. We don’t have people ‘on the bench’ - we only work with the best in industry on the most interesting and complex problems to solve. And they’re not just sitting around, they’re doing.


Kieran Mcbride

I’ve been developing user-centred strategies since the noughties, collaborating with progressive leadership teams to define the futures of FTSE 100 businesses, the public sector and charity organisations. I design ways to shape organisational culture, enable behaviour change and rapidly deliver new propositions. Also write a little bit on Linkedin and previously for The Guardian, Econsultancy and Internet Retailing.


Phil Sherwin-Nicholls

Working at the intersection of technology, data and design I help organisations solve wicked, population scale problems. A service design specialist, I'm a facilitator co-creating with subject matter experts and end users ensuring we have the right perspectives in the room to give us the best chance of success.

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We're incorporated in England and Wales under company number 12753406. Registered at 3rd Floor 86-90 Paul St, London UK. EC2A 4NE

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